Medlemsportræt: Anders Fritz-Carlsen, AFC Performance

Medlemsportræt: Anders Fritz-Carlsen, AFC Performance

Om mig:

A Swedish guy who have lived in Denmark for the last 25 years. I have worked +20 years within the international digital business sector – worked/responsible for over 20 countries including countries in Eastern Europe like Russia, Poland but also Brazil, India, Turkey, UAE etc as well as the more traditional Western European countries. Responsible for first the startup phase (strategy) and then the more daily operational work – growing the business constantly year on year.

Min motivation:

I like building/grow something (or being part of that journey) rather than just maintaining an existing business. Take something from scratch and scale it internationally. Also interesting to bring something new to the market that will improve people life or making other business more effective.

Mine top 5 råd og erfaringer:

First of all, build a strong team and keep them motivated – building something from scratch is really hard work and you need good people around you.

Second, do your homework properly (if going international – not two countries are the same).

Third, know your business, critical KPI´s, data/BI etc.

Fourth, don’t be afraid of competition – with a new product/service they will help you educate the market (just make sure you are better than them).

Fifth – always focus on sales, sales and even more sales.

When going international the first local recruitment is absolutely key – do it wrong and you have lost 6 months and some serious money – meaning don’t be cheap and in a hurry. Visit the country and talk to people within the same business vertical in order to get local input/feedback – also use your personal network to do the same and/or validate the first.


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