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Become a leadalongside the network’smost active forces and help push the standard for syndicated investments. It takes place over 3 days exclusively for members.

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Welcome to the Lead Investor Bootcamp

This bootcamp is exclusive to Keystone members and aims to equip many more members to take on the role of Lead Investor. The lead investor role is broad and successful group investments require skills in a wide range of areas. Therefore, we have the best experience with lead investor tasks being shared among several members of a Lead Team. That setup requires training and preparation.

Meet the “Lead Angel of The Year 2022”, Per Andersen and the “Most Active Angel of The Year 2021”, Casper Loiborg. They look forward to sharing their best experiences as leads. Get a glimpse in the video here.


Course structure

The bootcamp is designed with 3 full days of training spread over 2 months.

We have members in the room sharing their experiences from specific lead processes. We also get some of the best legal advisers in the field to tell us about the tricky elements of the agreements. We will look at concrete cases and work in groups on a number of challenges. You will thus build networks with the other investors in the team, which hopefully will allow you to collaborate later in concrete investments. You will also be certified in our team analysis tool called TeamsToWork.


On the first day, we address the fundamental issues surrounding the lead investor discipline. Why operate as a team? What are the advantages/disadvantages of team organisation versus individual responsibility. How do we do this in practice?

Under the same theme, the gaze turns outwards towards the team in the company. What is a winning team and how do we analyse it most effectively? You will be introduced to our team analysis tool, TeamsToWork.

On the second day, we put on the legal glasses and follow up on the team analysis discipline. First, learn the theory behind term sheets and all the necessary legal elements that lead investors need to be well prepared for. Next, we test our knowledge in practice with a “term sheet battle”, where we simulate the most critical elements of a real negotiation situation, such as valuation.

The last part of the day is spent on 4-hour team analysis certification in the tool, TeamsToWork with psychologist and founder, Peter Neville.

On the third day, we will practice the entire due diligence process in a lead team, analyse deal documents and will also discuss the long-term role of the lead team.

What is due diligence? Which focus areas are essential to invest time in and how much time is sufficient? How do we organise ourselves in the process and who should be involved in it? Can you rely on the due diligence of others?

Together with Jørgen Bek Weiss from Lassen Ricard we take a deeper dive into the basic legal documents and give an in-depth introduction to investment agreement, ownership agreement, syndication agreement, captable and test our legal eye by trouble shooting concrete agreement examples.

We will also spend some of the day addressing a number of tax aspects of the whole group set-up that should not be overlooked as well as the lead team’s forward relationship with the business; board roles, reporting obligations and follow-on investments.

The day and the whole course end with a test for self-evaluation of the knowledge you should have acquired.


As lead investors, we need to train each other inside:

  • Lead Team
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Project Management
  • Investment tools
  • Co-funding
  • Negotiation
  • Valuation
  • Pressure testing of founder team
  • Due diligence process
  • Term sheet
  • The Syndication Agreement
  • Ownership agreement
  • Captable
  • Board work
  • And much more

Create real results with your Lead Team

We often work with Lead Teams and we will zoom in on how to establish and run a Lead Team. The Lead Team is often critical to the success of an investment in a business. They have the first contact with the company, which negotiates, does due diligence and closes the deal. Lead Team members are also those who typically bring themselves to a position on the company’s board and advisory board. Several with lead experience say that “if you haven’t been a lead, you haven’t really tried investing in startups”. The strength of operating as Lead Teams is that there are more people on the task and more eyes on qualifying the investment opportunity.

We share our best experiences

Your primary trainer is Kenneth Larsen, founder and director of Keystones. He is a daily 1:1 sparring partner in every investment in the network and therefore has in-depth practical knowledge of all aspects of the process. Kenneth himself has invested in 25 startups, scaleups and IPOs.

In this course, Kenneth will use the many practical experiences and case examples that we have gathered in the network over the years.

You will also meet:

  • Per Andersen, Lead Angel of the Year 2022
  • Casper Loiborg, Most Active Business Angel of The Year 2021
  • Peter Neville, psychologist and founder of TeamsToWork
  • Emilie Timm from Keystones
  • Jørgen Bek Weiss, lawyer from Lassen Ricard
  • Steen M. Asgreen, Business Client Manager, Vækstfonden

Time and place

All days from 9-16 at Keystones, DTU Science Park, Diplomvej 381, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Do you have any questions?

Kenneth Larsen
Tel. 24 25 17 44