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How to get started

Here are some practical steps you can take to make the most of your membership today.

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1. Create a profile on the member platform

You can already request access to our new member platform. We use the leading tool on the market, Dealum. Read more about the platform here

Over the coming year, we will introduce you to at least 80 companies. These are companies looking for skills and capital for growth. You are welcome to contact each company directly to arrange further dialogue and digital or physical meetings.

Create a profile here

2. Member insights – say hello to your team

We have established a LinkedIn group for Keystone members only for internal communication and collaboration between members. You now get an overview of the other members’ professional profile, geographical location and other information relevant when you are just looking for a risk-taking CFO/sales manager/board member and much more for a company to be built. Through this channel, we can also make visible more of the many follow-up meetings that happen on individual cases – without it ending up in an email bombardment in your inbox.

Join the group here

Once you’ve joined the group, feel free to share a post with a few words about yourself and what you’re looking for in the network. Participation in the group is quite voluntary, so not all members will be there.

3. Sign up for the toolbox courses

In addition to the practical case work, the year offers a series of intense toolbox courses, where the best tools for business builders are presented in 60 minutes. Most meetings are held on Thursdays 16-17. You can already register for the courses.

Register for courses here

4. See meeting calendar

We invite you to the cases of the week and selected special events in the ecosystem. The calendar of meetings for the coming months is updated regularly. You can already register for some of the meetings by logging into the member platform.

Register for the next members’ meeting here

5. Become part of a larger ecosystem

We want to create a large ecosystem of business builders and ensure that our members have access to a large and relevant database of skills. That’s why we’ve also created an open and official LinkedIn group “Keystones – network for business builders”, where we invite profiles who have a penchant for building businesses – both members and non-members. The group currently has over 5500 profiles.

Join the LinkedIn group here

6. Come to the intro for new members

Kick-start the new season with an introduction to the basic experiences and tools of the network. Hear about how we work with startups on a daily basis, about the career of a “Startup Executive” and about running a company full-time or as a leisure sport.

We take a quick flyover and a brief grab of some of members’ best tools. In addition, you will be introduced to the very practical methods, workflows and case examples from the network and have any questions you may have answered.

Register for the next intrometing here

7. Use member emblem in own marketing

Let the world know you’re part of the Keystones network. You are free to promote your membership by using the Keystones name and logo, for example on your own website, LinkedIn profile or CV.