1. The purpose of Keystones is:

  • Making investment in entrepreneurship a national sport.
  • To give commercial entrepreneurs and private investors better access to and insight into qualified start-ups and growth companies seeking capital and skills.
  • To build and scale ambitious Danish growth companies by providing them with risk capital and skills.

Keystones’ mission is to create a professional environment for growth companies and private investors to raise capital and share skills in Denmark, and to create a strong and solid network with relevant information for its members.

To realise this, we have built the “Keystones Network”, consisting of members who want to invest their capital and/or skills in growth companies. The following membership terms are intended to inform current and prospective members of Keystones of ethical and professional guidelines that are expected to be adhered to.

What is expected of our members

2. As a member of Keystones, it is assumed that you have a desire to actively contribute with investment of time, for example, sweat equity and own funds in potential growth companies, by active management in these growth companies or by sharing know-how and experience to growth companies and the other members of the network. Furthermore, some knowledge of the challenges of growth companies, or a desire to learn more about this, is expected.

3. In investing and managing growth companies, our members are expected to do so on a proper and informed basis that benefits growth companies, investors and the industry as a whole, as well as its reputation. At Keystones, we work hard to be known for our professionalism and risk-taking, and so expect our members’ actions to reflect this.

4. At all times, our members are expected to act honestly and respectfully when contacting and working with companies and investors intermediated through Keystones, as well as outside Keystones, in accordance with Keystones’ Terms of Membership and relevant legislation in the field.

5. Keystones’ existing infrastructure and member platform is used for communication and information sharing. This must be respected. It is not allowed to pull data, communications or information from the Keystones member platform without the consent of the Secretariat.

What is offered to our members

6. Keystones offers its members the opportunity to participate in a large Danish network of venture investors from different parts of the business world, as well as exciting growth companies.

7. Keystones regularly introduces members to potential investment opportunities in growth companies both digitally and through physical meetings, relevant training/courses and a series of events including networking with other members.


8. Under no circumstances shall members disclose, sell or expose confidential information obtained through contact and/or work with companies, investors or Keystones, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

9. Furthermore, members of Keystones are obliged to treat confidential information in such a way that it remains inaccessible to unauthorised persons and in such a way that no danger arises that unauthorised persons become aware of it.


10. Members of Keystones will avoid disqualification as far as possible and are obliged in this respect to examine on an ongoing basis whether they may be considered disqualified in relation to their activities with companies, investors, Keystones and other stakeholders, and to take the measures and actions deemed necessary in this respect.

11. It should be noted that Keystones cannot be held liable for the disqualification of companies, investors or other members.

Behaviour policy

12. Keystones’ members are expected to maintain a professional and sober tone in dealing with companies, investors, partners and other stakeholders.

Violation of membership terms

13. Violation of Keystones’ Terms of Membership is deemed to have occurred when a member has acted outside the guidelines of Keystones’ Terms of Membership or relevant legislation in the area.

14. The impact of any violation depends on the scope and severity of the violation, and may result in a warning or termination of membership for more serious violations. In this context, Keystones reserves the right to refuse to refund any membership fee to terminating members.

15. Members are expected to follow and respect guidelines issued by Keystones, including membership terms, terms of trade, etc., as well as what may be issued in connection with their violation.

Personal data policy and collection of information

16. As a member you have accepted Keystones’ personal data policy as described under keystones.dk/personal data policy. By providing said information, members grant Keystones the right, without payment, to use said information for, among other things, the promotion of Keystones, and the industry as a whole, as well as for customer and market analysis, in order to better tailor its services to members’ needs.

Responsibilities and risks

17. Members of Keystones are at all times responsible for their own acts, omissions, statements and representations, as well as for investigating the disqualification of themselves and others with whom they may associate.

18. Members can and will be held liable for any infringements of Keystone’s reputation and intellectual property rights, such as name, logo, materials provided, etc., that members may have committed.

19. Keystones cannot incur any liability for future transactions or cooperation in general between companies and investors or contacts that are mediated via Keystones. Further, Keystones reserves the right to make technical, pricing, and typographical errors in Keystones.com or the materials contained therein, including these Terms of Membership, and to the occurrence of force majeure.

20. As a member, you also agree to the Keystones General Risk and Responsibility Statement.


21. The Keystones membership fee is DKK 8000 plus VAT for one year’s membership of the network.

22. Payment shall be made on conclusion of the membership agreement and the membership shall be valid for the period agreed and paid for. After one year of membership, membership is automatically renewed for the following years, unless membership is terminated before. No money will be deducted from your account automatically.

23. A purchased membership can be cancelled within 60 days after payment of the membership. In case of cancellation, the buyer will be refunded the full amount – i.e. 8000 DKK plus VAT.

24. The membership fee can be paid by your employer, personally or by your holding/consulting company.

The above membership conditions are valid as of 1 August 2022