14. SEPTEMBER 2022 (9-15)
Are you a startup or investor?
Get ready for the journey from startup to exit

Webring together a strong team of investorsand startups for 6 hours to create value and insights on all sides of the table and at all stages of the journey.

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Welcome to startup investment

Interest in investing in startups is higher than ever and in Denmark there is currently a cornucopia of both exciting capital-seeking entrepreneurs and risk-taking investors. But it’s a risky sport – for investors and entrepreneurs alike.

Course structure

The course runs from 9-15 and is an interaction between theory and case work. There will also be time for networking and cold refreshments at the end of the day.

  • Introduction to the ecosystem and the capital landscape
  • Financing strategies for startups
  • Investment strategies for business angels
  • Valuation
  • Due diligence and term sheet
  • Syndicated investments
  • Startup Board
  • Exit

“True stories about what reality is actually like – you learn a lot from that”

Sverre Panduro is an investor and Inga Stein is an entrepreneur. They sat on opposite sides of the table and were part of the whole journey from startup to exit, which we had compressed into 6 hours. For Inga and Sverre, it was an eye-opener to get each other’s different views on every step: from choosing ecosystem partners to term sheets, valuation, group investments and more.

Who is the course for?

The course is aimed at those seeking a good basic knowledge and qualification in investing in startups.

  • Investors who want to invest capital and skills in Danish startups
  • Entrepreneurs looking to raise capital from eary stage investors
  • Advisors in the investor preparation process
  • Firebrands who want knowledge about investing in startups
  • Board members interested in or on a board with capital expansion ambitions

Who teaches?

About Jan Rosenbom

Jan Rosenbom co-founder of the Keystones network and has over the past 15 years screened thousands of startups, facilitated hundreds of investormeetings and is himself an experienced startup investor in both unlisted startups and growth stock exchange listings. Over the past 10 years, Jan has taught fundraising in leading Danish accelerators and incubators and served as a jury member in domestic and international venture competitions such as Nordic Venture Forum, Golden Egg, Welcome Challenge Global Forum and Startup World Cup.

In this course, Jan will use the many practical experiences and case examples that we have gathered in the network over the years.

About Keystones

Keystones is Denmark’s largest network for investors in startups and consists of +450 investors, business leaders and commercial enthusiasts who are passionate about entrepreneurship. Here you can become a co-owner, board member or manager of a startup and get relevant education on investing in startups and scaleups from the most experienced in the field. We introduce +80 cases a year where you can use your experience to create value. Access all cases online via the member platform or meet the entrepreneurs at facilitated pitch meetings as often as you like. Want to make a difference too?

Time and place

Wednesday 14 September 9-15places available*

Keystones A/S
DTU Science Park
Diplomvej 381, 2800 Lyngby

*If you are unable to attend, the entry fee will not be refunded, but your ticket will be transferred to the next team

Do you have any questions?

Jan Rosenbom
Tel. 40 14 66 18