Get started in the network

Start your journey with 3 simple steps


60-minute approach – online

Your entry into the network is crucial to your success and professionalism at Keystones. We set aside an hour for an intensive review of the network’s methods, systems, membership platform, policies, expectations and practical issues.

Among other things, we will review:

  • Introduction to the network
  • How to get started
  • Process from screening to deal
  • Q&A


Beintroduced to concrete cases that the network is working on – here and now

Anywhere between 10 and 20 startups may be in process with members by the time you land with us. Some of the companies have only just been introduced. Others are in the middle of follow-up meetings, due diligence, negotiation or are at the closing stage. Shortly after the intro you can log in again and get the secretariat and members update on the most topical cases seeking capital and skills. So you can quickly get started and easily connect directly to one or more processes via our member platform that you want to learn about.


Take the 6-hour basic course:
“Introduction to investing in startups”

Can’t wait to get through our full programme of courses for the year? Then you’re not the only one. As a novelty, we have launched an intensive basic course, where we have compressed 15 hours of course down to 6 hours. We pick up on the essential tools and disciplines you need on the journey from startup to exit. The course targets a strong team of startups and investors. It includes full board and costs DKK 2500,- incl. VAT.

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