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Advantages for you who want to invest in Danish growth companies

Invest from DKK 50,000 at a time when your investment really makes a difference. We embrace several types of investors. Some are very active in investing. They use their experience to create value in boards and advisory boards. Others enter passively into syndicated investments. Hear more about our 30 min. webinar here:

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Courses for investors and startups

In one day, we review how investors can benefit from investing in startups and how startups can get in touch with investors. We share 20 years of experience with you.



Network with investors, business angels, foundations and accelerators who are passionate about startups.


Investment cases annually

Get access to cases digitally and psychically – meet the entrepreneurs at our investor meetings.

Screened deal flow

Receive a screened deal flow.


Invest with like-minded and experienced people. Participate in syndicates.

Investor profile

Boost your public investor brand – or stay discreetly in the background.

Nurture your return

Be actively involved in some cases – and a passive portfolio investor in others.

Sharing knowledge

Learn from other members and give your professional opinion.

Flexible contact

Contact the entrepreneurs directly or lean on experienced members.