Get evidence that you can provide entrepreneurial leadership and steer businesses better through development, start-up and growth

This board training is a practical training, research-based and with startups as one of the focal points. You will learn to ask the right questions and provide professional feedback to management and the board.

DKK 33.125,-
incl. VAT

Years of experience with board training and startups

5 intense course days spread over 3 months
Learn about board work
from the most experienced in the field
Final exam and diploma

Get ready for a startup board position in 3 months

You can take that with you:

  • Legal and digital rules of the game
  • Corporate governance and legislation
  • Function and formalities of the Board
  • Interaction between board, management, owners and stakeholders
  • Stakeholder capitalism in startups
  • Digital regulation for startups – how in practice?
  • The art of putting the best team in startups
  • Startup business models and strategies
  • Performance and cash-flow in start-ups
  • Valuation and capital adequacy
  • The digital agenda in startups
  • Accounting, compliance and tax
  • Board duties, responsibilities and reporting
  • and much more…


The course costs DKK 26,500 + VAT (DKK 33,125 incl. VAT) and includes catering, teaching materials and literature. Keystone members receive a 10% discount on the amount before VAT.

Read more about the lecturers, the programme, locations, etc. on Niels Brock’s website.

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to contact us and find out if the training is relevant for you.

Kenneth Larsen
Partner and CEO, Keystones

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“Entrepreneurial thinking is the source of development and growth in any type of business, so this training is almost relevant for everyone. Moreover, you will experience a steep learning curve in startups because the distance between strategy and execution is so extremely short.”

Kenneth Larsen, trainer and founder of Keystones

10 reasons to invest in board education

  1. You will get evidence that you as a board member can contribute with value creation, business development and skills to professionalize the board work.
  2. You qualify for a higher fee
  3. Access to new attractive board positions
  4. An understanding of the complexity of board work
  5. Knowledge and tools to play a key role on the board
  6. Solid insight into prioritising actions and effective decision-making under time pressure
  7. Knowledge of the responsibilities and duties of the Board of Directors in relation to. legislation and good corporate governance
  8. Valuable insight into the interaction between the board, management and owners
  9. Knowledge of risk management and value creation
  10. A professional network with other professional board members