Are you passionate about startup investing?

We are Denmark’s largest network of startup investors. The network consists of private investors, business angels, family funds, corporate ventures and accelerators who invest capital and expertise in selected Danish growth companies.

Many members are active investors and participate actively in boards and management. In addition, there is the possibility to participate as a passive investor in the many syndicated investments that are set up each year.

All in all, we invest in many companies and make a significant difference in the Danish startup and scaleup ecosystem.

Want to make a difference too?

As a member of Keystones you can unlock your potential as

  • Investor

  • Board/advisory board

  • CEO / CFO / CMO / CCO

You can meet like-minded investors and exciting startups on a weekly basis
. The companies are looking for both venture capital and skilled resources for the management team, who can provide sparring and networking.


Weekly deal flow

Annual deal flow

We introduce about 100 startups to our members during the year. This is done through our member platform, the weekly case presentations, our partners and the many events.

Investment processes are managed via the digital member platform, where you can view current investment opportunities. Here you can see which cases are in process, which members are interested in investing in each case and indicate your interest in investing either actively or passively.

We develop each other in 4 areas:

1. KeystonesInvestor Program

Alongside the case stream, members are also offered a wide range of educational opportunities where we delve into the startup investor’s toolkit and share tips and tricks on everything from valuing startups to scaling and exits, working as a lead investor and much more.

2. Regular training for both new and experienced case-handlers

Just like the local sports club, we take on a new exciting challenge every week. We call it the “case of the week”. As a member, you are trained to analyse a case quickly and provide qualified advice on everything from strategy to business development. If you want more than that, there is often a post available such as investor, advisory board member.

3. Investments in groups

Investing in startups is a team sport and the exercise is not just finding the right companies, but also finding the right people to play teams with. At Keystones you will learn what it means to invest effectively and professionally together in the group, and not least to take leadership when needed.

4.Angel investor returns

Angel investments return at least 2x the money over 4 years. The Keystones portfolio follows the same value trend. But as we are more do’ers than speculators, we don’t ask ourselves what the return is – but how we create it. We know that returns require effort.

Can I become a member?

Are you a bit of a “company builder” and do you share our ambition to build more Danish growth successes? If you’re also willing to put your hand to the stove, you might be the one we’re looking for.

It is an advantage if you have several years of professional experience – and it can be in a wide range of professional fields. Where you live is secondary. We have members all over Denmark and several of us even live on the other side of the world.

We all share the joy of realising one or more entrepreneurial dreams – and we like to do it in collaborative groups. Either as a leisure sport or a full-time project.

Should we build businesses together?

All new members start soon –
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